The power is YOURS!

It makes me happy knowing the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’. 5 years from now, that trait will be almost extinct. Mark my words, it’s an endangered specie already. Grammar Nazi rants apart, large power plants are seriously cute. Maybe not cute, beastly, more like. I think.
In the heart of a completely different city than the one I usually explore in, this monster has been in solitude since a while, from the looks of it.
While entering, I managed to kinda rip my brand new jeans a bit. Great start eh?! Perhaps the sign of caution, or maybe a sign of GREAT SUCCESS! (The way Borat says it)

Overview of the place from the entrance.


Broken window glass. Obviously.


You know how it is with me.
Heart is where the height is.

I do hate this picture but I figured I might as well put it in / on here.
Rock superstar


And a group shot before we left the place.
Valkyre. Murdoch80. KTV and Doey.
WLGS - Deliverance, Murdoch, KTV & Doeyy.


They’ll come, they come.

Hadn’t been out in a long time. Figured we’d do something. Got callin’ Om2, Klara and KTV, crew converged at the rendezvous spot and we got it goin’.
Cutting to the chase; got to the roof and split into our own directions. Cooling tower machines making grinding sounds got the atmosphere reppin’.
Felt good bring out once again. Felt like home.

I know, I know.

Sleepy nights.


KTV, chilling in the distance.

So droopy.
My bed is a small place and I am no longer afraid to sleep.

Totes rad, right?

Hectic serious urbex business. 4real. Photo by Om2.
Hectic serious business urbex crew

In my amazement, I spoke in awe.

A semi-sunny afternoon on a Saturday and I had planned hitting a drain with Mariarchi and Roon. Fun times, good to see Mariarchi back in the game. Though it did rain later, it was almost minuscule and not much of a worry.
So we continued got creepin’.

Mariarchi and Roon lighting up the three-way-split drains.

I love this bit of the drain. Nothing beats natural lighting.

Seriously don’t remember what I was trying to do.

Here’s the truth.

Video consisting of the adventures and shit.


Bought a Playstation 3. Been gaming all day, every day.

Brb, moar. 

I’m so naked around you. And I can’t hide, you’re gonna see right through.

Almost all the time, we’re booked and occupied with thoughts. Some much, sometimes, that we fail to see what’s around us, fail to recognize the clues and sometimes even ignore them, unknowingly. This gorgeous piece lies in the heart of Melbourne; with a thousand people walking past it and not knowing it’s history.
There’s much to be told, but my mouth is shut.

See what you make of it.








Argus Panorama


Halloween night. Good people, great times.

Lost possum

We waited for a while for them people to show up but no one did. Then turns out that shit was all cancelled because apparently the weather was bad! But Hotfoot showed up and we decided to just go into the drain.
Did a bit of a walk in there, then we encountered a lost possum. It was pretty scared and looked really weak. Roon decided to take off his jacket and grab the little one and take him out and set him free. AND SO HE DID!
Good karma to you mangbro.

Old mate Roon chilling before we were waiting for them dudes to come.



The irony is that it's all our friends dressed in black and talking again.